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About this tour

Discover the enchanting allure of Turkey by exploring two must-visit destinations: Istanbul, Kusadasi, and Antalya. Explore the rich and varied history as you wander through the ancient town adorned with exquisite monuments and mosques. Embark on a serene Bosphorus cruise before journeying to the magical realm of Cappadocia. Witness the awe-inspiring formations as you stroll through this captivating landscape, and elevate your perspective with a captivating hot-air balloon ride. Finally, return to Istanbul in ultimate comfort.


  • All accommodation mentioned in the itinerary
  • Private airport and bus station transfers
  • 24-hour online available support team
  • Puplic bus tickets
  • Tours as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Entrance fees as mention in itinerary
  • English-speaking licenced tour guide or tour assistance
  • All meals mentioned by the itinerary ( B – Breakfast, L – Lunch, D – Dinner)
  • Vegetarian meals available.
  • International flights
  • Domestic flights
  • Beverages during lunch
  • Hot air balloon tour
  • Optional tours and activities
  • Dinner
  • Gratuities
  • Items of a personal nature Medical services.


  • Welcome our representative at the IST/SAW airport, who will ensure your smooth transfer to the pre-booked hotel.
  • Upon reaching your hotel, fulfill the check-in procedures and take some time to relax.
  • Enjoy a leisurely day, exploring local attractions, and flea markets, or simply meandering through the surroundings.
  • Alternatively, you can return to your hotel and unwind for a comfortable overnight stay in Istanbul.

Overnight in Istanbul 4* Nova Plaza Taksim Square BB or a similar one


Duration: 8 hours (approx) | Tour category: Group Tour | Pick up/ Drop Point: Hotel | Pickup Time: 08:30 am | (Breakfast, Lunch)


  • Start your day by waking up to a delicious breakfast, gearing up for an exciting full-day city tour.
  • Kick off your exploration at the heart of old Istanbul, the iconic Hagia Sophia. Marvel at its magnificent mosaics, featuring glittering portraits of emperors, empresses, and a poignant Virgin and Child.
  • Continue your journey to the Blue Mosque, the sole imperial mosque with six minarets, showcasing a grand courtyard. Explore the Hippodrome, the ancient Byzantine stadium that once accommodated 100,000 spectators and now features remnants like an Egyptian obelisk and a bronze sculpture of entwined serpents from Delphi.
  • Stroll through the vibrant Grand Bazaar in the old city, boasting 4,000 shops brimming with treasures, including carpets, kilims, silks, jewelry, ceramics, icons, and leather goods.
  • Venture into the historic Topkapi Palace, the opulent residence of Ottoman sultans from the 15th to the 19th centuries. Admire its exquisite collection, featuring precious gems, jewelry, thrones, robes worn by the sultans and their families, miniatures, the Holy Mantle, and the Chamber of Sacred Relics.
  • Conclude your day with a visit to the Grand Bazaar once again.
  • Return to your hotel after this exhilarating day and unwind for a comfortable overnight stay in Istanbul.

Overnight in Istanbul 4* Nova Plaza Taksim Square BB or a similar one


Duration: 13 hours (approx) | Tour category: Group Tour | Pick up/ Drop Point: Hotel | Pickup Time: 08:30 am | (Breakfast, Lunch) 


  • Begin your day with a delightful breakfast, gearing up for a full-day excursion from Istanbul to Bursa, the former capital of the Ottoman State and a thriving industrial hub.
  • Embark on a scenic ferry ride from Yenikapi to Yalova, followed by a comfortable bus transfer to Bursa.
  • Upon reaching Bursa, explore the historical covered bazaar and the majestic Ulu Cami, also known as the Grand Mosque.
  • Optionally, weather permitting, take in the enchanting vistas of Bursa by opting for a cable car ride, providing a magical perspective of the city.
  • Visit the Green Mosque and Green Mausoleum, soaking in their architectural and historical significance.
  • Conclude your Bursa exploration and commence your return journey to Istanbul.
  • Arrive back at your hotel in Istanbul, where you can unwind and enjoy a restful overnight stay.


Overnight in Istanbul 4* Nova Plaza Taksim Square BB or a similar one


Tour duration: 3 hours (approx) | Tour category: Group Tour | Pick up/ Drop Point: Hotel | Tour pick-up time: 10:00 am | Transfer category: Private | (Breakfast)


  • Start your day with a satisfying breakfast and finalize your check-out from the hotel.
  • Following check-out, prepare for an extraordinary cruise experience in Istanbul before heading to Izmir.
  • Embark on a Bosphorus Cruise, where you'll witness the scenic panorama of Asia on one side and Europe on the other. Admire the elegance of marble palaces, charming wooden villas, and luxurious apartments that grace the waterway.
  • Pass beneath the majestic Bosphorus Bridge and marvel at the unique blend of Eastern, Turkish, and Western influences embodied by the Beylerbeyi Palace, constructed by Sultan Abdulmecid on the grounds of a former wooden mansion.
  • After the cruise, proceed to IST/SAW Airport for your flight to Izmir.
  • Upon arrival in Izmir, meet our representative, who will guide you to your pre-booked hotel in Kusadasi.
  • Complete the check-in formalities and take some time to unwind and rest for the day.

Overnight in Kusadasi 4* La Vista Boutique Hotel BB or a similar one. 


Duration: 7 hours (approx) | Tour category: Group Tour | Pick up/ Drop Point: Hotel | Pickup Time: 08:30 am | (Breakfast, Lunch)


  • Begin your day with a nutritious breakfast, gearing up for a scenic drive to Ephesus-Selcuk.
  • Ephesus stands as one of the most breathtaking open-air museums globally, making it a highlight of any Turkish journey.
  • Stroll along the 2,000-year-old marble streets of this ancient city, taking in the grandeur of the Library of Celsius, Hadrian's Temple, the Fountains of Trajan, and the temples of Hadrian and Domitian, among other remarkable structures.
  • Optionally, explore the terrace houses, nestled on the slopes of Bulbul Mountain, opposite the Hadrian Temple, showcasing exquisite frescoes and mosaics in their interiors.
  • Following your exploration of Ephesus, proceed to the House of the Virgin Mary. Recognized by the Vatican as the final resting place of the Virgin Mary, this small house in the Solmissos Mountains holds a shrine dedicated to St. Mary.
  • Conclude your day by visiting the remains of the Artemis Temple, adding a historical touch to your Ephesus-Selcuk journey.

Overnight in Kusadasi 4* La Vista Boutique Hotel BB or a similar one. 


Duration: 7 hours (approx) | Tour Category: Group Tour | Pick up/ Drop Point: Hotel | Pickup Time: 08:00 am | Transfer category: Private | (Breakfast, Lunch)


  • Begin your day with a delightful breakfast and then board an air-conditioned coach bound for Pamukkale, renowned as the "8th Wonder of the World."
  • Explore the natural wonders of limpid pools, hot springs, and travertine terraces formed by the deposition of carbonate minerals due to flowing water. Pamukkale, acknowledged by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage Site in 1988, attracts around 2 million visitors annually. Gain a panoramic view of the terraces from the hills in the town of Denizli on the opposite side of the valley.
  • Continue your journey to the ancient Greek-Roman city of Hierapolis, constructed atop the "Cotton Castles" in the 2nd century BC. Witness the remnants of the Roman amphitheater and visit the former Turkish Bath, now transformed into an archaeological museum.
  • Optionally, explore Cleopatra's Pool, a site where Cleopatra is believed to have swum, and visit the monumental tomb of the Christian apostle St. Philippe. Marvel at the Necropolis of Anatolia, adorned with sarcophagi, including the notable one belonging to Marcus Aurelius Ammianos.
  • Conclude your exploration of Pamukkale and head to Denizli Bus Station for your onward journey to Antalya. After a 3.5-hour drive, arrive at Antalya Bus Station, where you will be welcomed by our driver. Finally, transfer to your Antalya hotel, complete the check-in, and relax.

Overnight in Antalya 4* Afflon Loft Hotel BB or a similar one. 


Duration: 9 hours (approx) | Tour category: Group Tour | Pick up/ Drop Point: Hotel | Pickup Time: 08:00 am | (Breakfast, Lunch)


  • Begin your day with a scenic boat tour departing from the ancient harbor. Explore the coastal beauty and historical charm of the area as you cruise along the picturesque shoreline.
  • After the boat tour, head to Tünektepe for a thrilling cable car ride. Enjoy breathtaking views of Antalya and the surrounding landscapes as you ascend to the mountain's summit.
  • Descend from Tünektepe and proceed to the Lower Düden Waterfalls. Witness the mesmerizing cascade of water as it plunges into the Mediterranean Sea. Take in the natural beauty and capture memorable moments.
  • Enjoy some leisure time to explore the main center of Antalya or indulge in shopping. Whether you're interested in historical sites, local markets, or modern shopping districts, Antalya offers a variety of options.
  • Savor a delicious lunch at a local kebab house, experiencing authentic Turkish cuisine. If you prefer a vegetarian option, the restaurant may offer a selection of flavorful vegetarian dishes for you to enjoy.
  • Conclude your day of exploration and relaxation. Depending on your preferences and schedule, you may choose to continue exploring Antalya or return to your accommodation.

Overnight in Antalya 4* Old Town Point Hotel BB or a similar one. 


  • Begin your journey with a convenient pick-up from your hotel. A comfortable transfer service will take you to the airport, ensuring a smooth start to your travel day.
  • Upon arrival at Kayseri airport, you will be warmly greeted by our representatives. Enjoy a hassle-free transfer shuttle transfer from the airport to your hotel in Cappadocia, taking in the scenic surroundings.
  • After reaching your hotel, take advantage of the remaining time for free leisure. Whether you choose to relax in your accommodations, explore the immediate surroundings, or plan your activities, this period allows you to unwind at your own pace.

Overnight in Hera Cave Hotel BB or a similar one.

Duration: 8 hours (approx) | Tour category: Group Tour | Pick up/ Drop Point: Hotel | Pickup Time: 9.30 am | (Breakfast, Lunch)

  • Begin your day with a hearty breakfast at your hotel. At 9:30 AM, embark on your day tour as you are picked up from your hotel.
  • Start your exploration with a visit to Pigeon Valley in Cappadocia. Marvel at the unique rock formations and the thousands of pigeon houses carved into the cliffs.
  • Journey to the underground city of Kaymakli, a fascinating subterranean complex with intricate tunnels and chambers. Learn about the history and purpose of these underground dwellings.
  • Continue your tour with a visit to the Selime Monastery. Explore this historical site, which boasts impressive rock-cut structures and stunning views of the surrounding landscape.
  • Enjoy a trekking adventure in the scenic Ihlara Valley. Walk along the lush canyon, discover ancient rock-cut churches, and soak in the natural beauty of the valley.
  • After a day filled with exploration, trekking, and cultural discoveries, head back to your hotel. Anticipate reaching your hotel by 6:00 pm, allowing you ample time to relax and reflect on the day's experiences.


Overnight in Hera Cave Hotel BB or a similar one.



  • Begin your departure day with a delicious and fulfilling breakfast at your hotel. After breakfast, pack your bags, ensuring that all your belongings are ready for departure. Join our shuttle transfer to Kayseri Airport and drop off.
  • Catch a suitable flight from Kayseri Airport to Istanbul. Check the departure details and ensure you have ample time to reach the airport. Upon reaching Istanbul, you have officially concluded your trip. Reflect on the unforgettable memories you've made during your journey.
  • Your trip concludes with the satisfaction of exploring new places and creating lasting memories.


10 days



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  • Tour available period: all year round.
  • Tour available days: every day
  • Tour category: Offered with group tours and private tours
  • Not wheelchair accessible
  • Not recommended for participants with walking difficulties
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  • In case of cancellation, domestic flights are non-cancellable and non-refundable.
  • The itinerary shared is tentative and is subject to change at the time of confirmation.
  • Group tours can have several breaks for shopping with local handicraft production centers.
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