Enhance your stay in Turkey with an amazing 3-hour traditional Turkish bath experience. Relax in the sauna and steam room, and be indulged with a body scrub, foam massage, and oil massage, all part of this rejuvenating Turkish tradition.

Take a break from sightseeing and the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy a 3-hour visit to a traditional Turkish bathhouse for some much-needed relaxation.

Visit to Hamam includes: salt room (20 minutes), sauna (10 minutes), steam room (10 minutes), hamam (peeling + foam massage – 30 minutes), mud therapy (20 minutes), full body massage (30 minutes) ). Whole program takes 2.5 – 3 hours. At the beginning, you will be led to the so-called “salt room” (in Turkish “tuzluk”). Here your body will get used to the heat and will prepare for the basic action for which you came to the hamam.

Before going to the main room with a warm marble coating, you need to go to the sauna. The temperature in it isn’t very high, so you can stay a little longer than in the traditional steam room. In the sauna all the pores will open, and your body will be prepared for the tender soap peeling, which is made by a special mitten.

Then you will rinse under a shower and rest a bit, you can go into the “heart” of the hamam – the marble room. Stay on a nice warm stone and relax. First the bath worker, with a special mitten for scrub, will wipe you from head to toe, and several times rinse completely, warm and then cooler water. Then a very interesting procedure will begin – they will simply make a soap bubble. With the help of olive soap and “pillowcases” you are completely (except for the head) wrapped in soap foam and will give you a full body massage. If you want to fully experience what a hamam is, just trust these masseurs and let them completely take off all the accumulated stress and fatigue. After that – the last bath with clean water, and it’s time to leave the steam room.

You are given a fresh clean towel and escorted to “mud therapy”. Medical mud is known since ancient times. In Russia in the XIII century, mud was treating serious ailments. The tradition of getting rid of diseases and strengthening the body using mud is preserved in many places till nowadays.

Therapeutic mud (peloid) includes only the best that land and water have accumulated over many years – minerals and trace elements, healing clay and river sand, natural substances, archaic microorganisms that do not know technical and environmental pollution.

Hamam is an unforgettable experience!

And now it’s time to leave the hamam. While dressing after this cleansing procedure, look at yourself in the mirror: your skin is bright, pink and tender, like a baby’s. No wonder the Turks say that visiting a hamam is like looking into another world. So a visit to the hamam will introduce you to the culture of Turkey and help to better understand the inhabitants of this country.

  • Experience authentic Turkish culture with a visit to a traditional hamam
  • Let the heat of the sauna relax your muscles
  • Feel rejuvenated after foam and aromatherapy oil massages
> Hotel pickup and drop off
> Transportation in comfortable, non-smoking, air-conditioned bus
> Sauna and Steam room 30min
> Mud bath
> Foam massage 20 min
> Classic Masage 20min
> Salt room 15min
> Water and tea
> Driver assistance
> Food and extra drinks
> Personal expenses
> Extra treatment
> Photos and Videos
> Gratuities (optional)

> This tour is all year round available.
> Confirmation will be received at time of booking or within latest in 24 hours
> The pick-up time is approx. 08:30
> Drop off approx. 12:00
> Pick-up and drop off outside the main entrance of your hotel
> Offered as Private and Regular Tour
> Not wheelchair accessible
> Not recommended for participants with walking difficulties
> Only available for age 12 and above
> Regular tour can have several breaks for shopping with local handicraft productions centers.