We will pick up our guests from Antalya central hotels around 09:30 and arrive at Park Fantastice, one of Antalya’s most beautiful amusement parks.

Lions exhibit incredible power and strength and are considered as some the most magnificent creatures on our planet. Golfin Travel is proud of its big cat collection and now you will have the opportunity to feed one of these impressive animals by hand at Antalyas leading family attraction.

Mountain Sled
It is a double slide entertainment system that moves on the rail system. It is the longest mountain sled in Turkey. It reaches speeds of up to 50 kilometers per hour on a 900-meter-long road. The sleds are first brought up with the electric pulley system, then the electricity is disabled and the sleds are manually controlled by the person using the sled. The speed of the sled is controlled by the levers on the side of the sled. It is a high security system produced by German engineers and approved by TUV. It can use 350 people per hour.

A house where everything appears to be upside down? It must be an illusion, right? Wrong! Spare time to take a look inside this fascinating building called ‘Ters Villa’. The gravity defying upside down house where everything is flipped on its head. A unique and fun attraction not only for the kids but adults also! A great way to spend good family time and have a great upside-down experience.

> Cell Phones and Cameras are not allowed in the Aslan Safari track. Taking photos and videos is PROHIBITED
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