Please note that all Airport transfers and Tours can only provide as Private. The Regular tour rates are not available until a next update. 

We all experience very difficult days all over the world. In these difficult days, we pay more attention to the health of our guests. We give high priority and importance to Covid-19 protection rules and precautions in all our tours and airport transfers. Stay healthy!

Tours and Airport Transfers

  • All our coaches and buses have always maintained a high standard of maintenance and cleanliness, they will continue to undergo a thorough deep clean at the start of every tour in accordance with the government or other institutionally verified cleanliness guidelines.
  • Our staff, guides and drivers are fully trained on hygiene protocols and social distancing procedures to make sure our guests feel safe travelling with us.
  • All Golfin Travel staff, including drivers and guides will undergo a routine temperature check at the start of every working shift/tour. Customers boarding our coaches will also undergo the same procedure before the start of the tour.
  • We will be providing complimentary face masks  to all our guests, hand sanitiser will be available on all our coaches to be used at any time during the tour. If the customer prefers bringing their own face masks, gloves or hand sanitiser, this will be welcomed.
  • We will also be liaising with various attractions to ensure they adhere to government guidelines giving clients an extra comfort and will be splitting customers into smaller groups whilst visiting the attractions taking social distancing into consideration.

Hygiene Manifest of Hotels we Priovide

As Golfin Travel, health  of our esteemed guests is ve  important for us.

Our priority is to offer you a hygienic accommodation and a holiday opportunity  that  make you feel safe.

For this, we would like to share  with you our hygiene and cleaning measures that  we have increased in order to be prepared  because of COVID-19 Pandemic  and other possible epidemic  risks that  may occur later through  this Manifesto.

As Golfin Travel, a new set  of standards have been added  to our hygiene and cleanliness procedures that  we implement  in our hotels  that  we provide in Turkey regarding

  • “Operational considerations for managing COVID-19 cases/outbreak” judicial publication published by World Health Organization (WHO) for Hospitality Industry,
  • Statements and recommendations of TR Ministry of Health, Science Board,
  • Statements and recommendations of Ministry of Health of Federal Republic of Germany and Berlin State Administration,
  • Opinions and suggestions of local health units and sector unions due to Covid-19   pandemic.

Our Central Pandemic  Monitoring Board which we created at the very beginning  of pandemic process that  is experienced, constantly follows the agenda and developments. With determinations and recommendations of the Board, necessary revisions are made  in procedures and implementations in accordance with developing  new conditions.

Also, Workplace Health and Safety Committees were created under the chairmanship of our General Managers  to be in charge  of implementing the action plans developed  by taking quick decisions thanks  to fast  and healthy communication in hotels we provide  and necessary trainings  were also provided for the committee personnel.


Hygiene of hotel employees who are in direct or indirect relationship  with you, our esteemed guests and who are also be known to be in contact with each other, keeping them  healthy and raising their awareness about  this issue  are one of the most  important factors  for an effective general hygiene practice.  Our measures taken and practices in this respect are as follows.

  • Staff Shuttles used by our employees for coming to the workplace and leaving there, are disinfected before  and after each service. Our employees have to wear a protective mask during transfers and safe physical distance rule is applied since 50% of the capacities of shuttles are used.

Our employees undergo  general medical screening before  starting  to work and their temperatures are taken with digital thermometers. Our employees who have high fever and symptoms related  to the disease are not allowed to work. Our employees who don’t  feel well, don’t  come  to work or even if they do, they aren’t  allowed to work.

  • Employee uniforms are frequently changed and washed and our employees undergo disinfection before  starting  to work.
  • Sufficient disinfection units are available in all common areas  used by employees and in the background  working units. No matter in which department any of our employees works, he/she must  wash his/her hands  every hour according  to the rule and disinfect  his/her hands.
  • Our employees working in housekeeping, cleaning services, food and beverage production  areas  and in the background  such as dish washing area must  wear mask and disposable gloves.
  • Each of employees knows and applies safe physical distance rule in their relations with our guests and between each other. Our employees who are in direct contact with the guests use mask when necessary.
  • Trainings have been provided for all of our employees about pandemic, protection methods and transmission ways by specialist firms and medical teams since the beginning  of the pandemic process and they are repeated continuously.  These issues  are constantly emphasized in Operations meetings held every day.


In all provided hotels,  are work with Diversey and Ecolab Companies  which are internationally  known for chemical  cleaning products. Diversey and Ecolab Companies  provide detailed  training for the relevant employees at regular intervals. Therefore, it is ensured  that  proper chemicals  are used at the appropriate dose  during cleaning. Cleaning works are done with proper cleaning materials  and different equipment for each area.

  • Great care is taken to clean surfaces that are always touched, door handles, handrails, elevators, elevator  buttons, sinks, faucets, urinals and toilets  in all common  areas  and water closets, diluted bleach and chlorine tablets are used after cleaning with water and detergent. Every second urinal is out of use. The employees doing all these works do this by using mask and disposable gloves.
  • Hand disinfection apparatus and units are available at all points needed in all the common areas, water closets and they are followed meticulously.
  • Cleaning and disinfection intervals are checked by means of detailed  lists prepared  by increasing frequency.
  • Capacity utilization of our elevators is limited so that only members of one family or 4 people  from the same  group or 2 people  who don’t  know each other get on it at the same  time. Use instructions of the elevator  are placed in visible places.
  • Sitting sets in all common  areas  and general areas  have been rearranged by considering  safe physical distances.


Some  additional measures were taken about  easy and hygienically safe check-in and check-out processes of you, our esteemed guests.

  • Suitcases and other items will be taken to the hotel by being disinfected by our employees who got necessary training in this respect and sent to the rooms of our guests safely.
  • Temperatures of our guests will be taken by means of thermal cameras placed on our entrance doors and in case  of a negative situation,  this situation will only be shared  with them  in accordance with the law on the protection of personal  data  and necessary action  will be taken as written in the action  plans.
  • The responsible employee will explain the measures and precautions we have taken in general, cologne will be served while welcoming and the leaflets  we have made  regarding  this issue  will be given to our guests. Our Guest Assistants have been assigned in a way to help you in all matters in the Hotels.
  • All measures have been taken to ensure that there  is no crowd at the entrances and exits of hotels  and safe distance ranges  are shown and safe rest areas  have been created to be used when it is necessary to wait.
  • Door cards are prepared and disinfected before our guests check in and they will be given to our guests safely in their protective cover. Pens that  are given to you to fill in the documents required are prepared  as disposable in their special covers. All check-in procedures will be performed  by considering  the safe physical distance.
  • All works that may require contact during check-in and check-out will be done duly and in accordance with the safe physical distance rule.


Our aim in all our guest  rooms is to offer you an environment where you can accommodate in a hygienic and clean place.

  • Housekeeping employees and managers working in Room Cleaning work by using mask and disposable gloves. After each room is cleaned and before starting  to clean the other room, hands are washed  and masks,  gloves and cleaning cloths  are replaced  by new ones.
  • Effective disinfectant and bleach are used while cleaning the rooms, more attention is paid to the surfaces that are constantly touched by hands, door handles,  faucets, telephone handset, television remote  control, climate control, light switches,  kettles,  coffee  machines, mini bars are also disinfected after being cleaned.
  • Linen and Towel materials are changed daily and they are not shaken out or beaten while they are collected  or spread  and thus, dust  and particles  are not allowed to raise, dirty clothes  are collected in separate bags.
  • All linen and towels that are used, are washed at 90 degrees and in sufficient time.
  • Toiletry packages that are prepared for daily use of our guests are disinfected before  they are put in their place and additional  hand sanitizers are added  to this set  for your use in addition  to these products.
  • At Hotels, the mini bar products are received by being disinfected while they are delivered by suppliers, they are kept in a safe environment and served to our rooms. Our mini bars in our City Hotels have been emptied for a while.
  • The rooms are aired out for a minimum of 1 hour after they are cleaned and they are subjected to Ozonization routinely.
  • Room capacity usage is monitored  carefully and a room is given as infrequently as possible  and new guests are not accepted for a certain  period of time after all cleaning and disinfection works are done in the room of the guests who have checked  out.


Our rooms will not be used at full capacity  for a certain  period in all our hotels  and thus, it is aimed to ensure  the safe physical contact distance required in our food and beverage  units.

  • In our hotels, our open buffet service system will be decreased to a certain  extent,  more hygienic and safe materials  and equipment will be used in our buffets and they will often  be replaced  by new ones.   Self-service won’t be allowed, our responsible employees will be constantly present in buffets, and they will provide necessary guidance  and service.
  • In Hotels, breakfast will be served as a’la carte to the extent possible.
  • Hand disinfection equipment will be available at the entrances of all our Food&Beverage units and there will be responsible employees who will welcome our guests and provide necessary directions about  capacity  utilizations.
  • In all Food&Beverage units, table, chair and sitting distances have been arranged  in accordance with the recommended safe distances. Restaurant, bar and general area sizes and capacities of all our hotels  are extremely spacious and sufficient.
  • Tablecloths and cloth napkins won’t be used on our tables, the seasoning and spices  sets  will be properly disinfected after each use.
  • Dishes in all our Food&Beverage units will be washed by a dishwasher, not by hand and they can be offered  with disposable materials  depending on the circumstances.
  • General cleaning of Food&Beverage areas will be performed  and tables,  chairs, counters, buffets and all other materials  will be cleaned  properly at the beginning  and end of the service and they will be disinfected.