Discover the spectacular and magical world of Isfanbul Theme Park (formerly ViaLand) with your family and friends. Feel the adrenaline on the 4th biggest rollercoaster in the world. Watch a variety of exciting performances at the Outdoor Stage.

Enjoy an adrenaline kick, a shopping fix and non-stop entertainment with an action-packed day out at Vialand theme park. Park includes different parts like, theme park, vialand shopping center, performance and demonstration center, legend world, game world, adventure world, vialand castle, vikings, 360, roller coaster, crazy river, safari tunnel, dungeon and vialand express.
Vialand has 4 parts as Fun Zone, Shopping Zone, History Zone and Adventure Zone. First of all, it is a safe place for the kids. It is entertaining and educative.

Also Vialand has the biggest Food Court with its lots of restaurants. Center has a small tram to travel around the shops.
One of the biggest Roller Coasters in Europe will be waiting you in the center. Vialand also has a part for the people likes the exciting time of King Kong.

If you are a water fun, then you will like Splash Coaster. And Fatih Dark Ride will take you to the times of ottoman and old Istanbul streets. Starshape and Safari Coaster will be your other favourites.

Everyone from all four corners of the world is lining up for this ride! On the Breath Taker, which invites you to have genuine fun with speeds reaching 110 km in 3 seconds, relax and let yourself go! Feel free to scream! The Breath Taker ride with a 900 person-capacity..

Walls of Istanbul I am Istanbul, the bridge of history and cultures, the home of old civilizations. Brave warriors, great kings fought for me. My seven hills witnessed mythological stories. I am Istanbul, and now I am at Vialand with my stories extending over hundred thousands of years and my legends blending reality with dreams. Istanbul: the bridge of history, cultures, and the home of old civilizations. This mysterious city that has been the home of legends and myths finds its voice. The story of Istanbul that mythological heroes fought for and ended with Mehmet The Conqueror overcoming city walls with his brave soldiers is, now, told at Vialand. Conqueror’s Dream that tells the 400 thousand years long history of Istanbul with video mapping and hologram techniques waits for those, who want to be fascinated with the spirit of Istanbul once again.

A Jump here is fancy! Our naughty Kangaroo is not stagnate on this place, as you ?

Your favorite characters from the world’s #1 mobile gaming series are in for a rough ride! Watch out for King Pig and the never-ending bag of tricks he has in store for Red and his bird buddies. Experience swarms of buzzing bees and massive TNT explosions in Angry Birds: The Ride, all brought to life with captivating special effects and eye-popping 3-D!

The live shows of the most loved Cartoon Network characters are now at Vialand Theme Park! The beloved characters of the Powerpuff Girls, Gumball, and Adventure Time present colorful shows and offer unforgettable moments to their little viewers on the Cartoon Network Stage. Moreover, the kids also get the chance to meet with the characters of the Powerful Girls that they admire inside the Theme Park.

Magic Room The Magic Room offers a very interesting game that our brain plays with us. How? Because of an optical illusion, a person sees his/her reflection 2 or 3 times bigger than it really is. This technique is used in so many movies, in particular for Gandalf in Lord of The Rings Trilogy and The Hobbit indoor scenes.

Join Scrat, Ice Age’s resident nut-crazed sabre-toothed squirrel, as he time travels in his zaniest adventure to date, Ice Age: No Time For Nuts 4-D. Scrat battles a wonky time-machine that has zapped his beloved nut, and with buddies Manny, Diego and especially Sid along for the ride the laughs are right on time in this custom 4-D special effects extravaganza!

How great would it be to witness the conquest of Istanbul? We’ll let you see for yourselves. Just say “Off to 1453 please!” and the Conqueror’s Dream takes you back to the day Istanbul was conquered.

Genuine adrenaline addicts turn their courage into fun on the 360. How does VIALAND look from 28 meters high and upside down? You’ll never know unless you try it!

If you want to take a good look at VIALAND from above, take your place on the Justice Tower and experience the fun of going 50 meters up.

For children who want to go on a fun journey in storybook land, the Carousel with its 82 person capacity and 15 meter diameter is a big, colorful, fun ride!

When u enter this Street and u will find yourself in the old city of İstanbul with charachterstic houses, fountains, classic armenian architecture and shops.. And u will make a magic journey to thpast while enjoying incredible tastes.

If you are ready to take a trip over the fun world of VIALAND on a train that fits right into this world, you will have the most enjoyable journey of your life. A completely different world above the clouds…

Your first time behind a wheel is unforgettable. And you’re sure to remember it if it’s this much fun! Daring Drivers has a huge course and plenty of toy cars. This time it’s kids at the wheel…

There’s only one rule for bumper cars: “Bumper cars are always fun!” Of course there is always room for real fun at VIALAND too!

A wild adventure that will last for 700 meters in the middle of a cascading waterfall! An unforgettable adventure in a boat for 9 at the Wild River!

Come on and lets play! We havent forgotten to add a playground for vialand to all children whose play freely, socialize increative park toys an units.

Jet Skiing in the middle of the city is possible at VIALAND. Kids, hold on tight to the steering wheel!

Little heroes, tomorrow’s firefighters, can do their first drill at VIALAND; we’ve designed Heroic Firefighters so they can have endless fun.

Perfect for adrenaline junkies of a small age, a safe enough but exciting enough train: Little Miners!

The Adventurer, which takes you 30 meters high at 80 km/h, is popular all over the world. An exciting outdoor tour awaits you.

All the children of the world get together at VIALAND and learn about world cultures by observing and travelling. The 160 meter canals go through everywhere in the world!

“Mini Tower” is at the service of kids who aren’t afraid of heights! A very safe, very high tower with lots of high up fun!

VIALAND had a farm and on that farm there was a train! A train journey where kids can see happy chickens, happy cows and learn about farm life is waiting for all kids! Choo choo!

An adventure in the dark! 500 people will go into the Safari Tunnel in a single hour but you are the hero of this adventure. You won’t just travel and see it, you will lead the adventure. Be prepared for the surprises that you’ll encounter along the way!

This isn’t like any other swing you know! With a capacity for 40 people and a diameter of 20 meters this swing will raise excitement to its peak in the Ottoman Palace garden!

If the kids are ready for lift off, our planes are ready to fly! Our course is the clouds!

If you like water-filled fun, the Viking – the 4th most popular train ride in the world- will be your favorite. A spectacular 15 meters drop at an unexpected moment brings adrenaline to the roof!

Regular group tour days : N/A
Private tour days : Only with Private Shuttle on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday